How to Prepare for Staining Day

Finally! Stain Day has arrived (or will soon), now what? There are a few things that you as the homeowner can do to make the day go by as smooth as possible. 


The day before, be sure and double-check your sprinkler schedule and modify if needed. It’s recommended to not run your sprinklers the morning prior to staining or the night that stain was applied. 


If you have any outdoor pets we beg, BEG, that the droppings are picked up by the morning we are out there. Not only are we walking around in the backyard, but our spray hose is drug along the grass and one of the last things we want is it to be pulled through Fido’s poop pile! Speaking of pets, make sure you have accommodations for the furry little guys and gals to use the restroom throughout the day. If they need to go out while we are spraying, leash them up and accompany them to the front yard. After the staining is complete and we are gone for the day, you will still be best served accompanying them on the leash for the first 24-48 hours. There might be stain residue left on the grass along the fence line and we would hate for them to bring in paw prints of the stain inside. 

Fence Decor, Lighting, etc.

While fence decor is definitely an aesthetically pleasing addition to the backyard, it should be removed prior to staining. Some contractors won’t touch any decor, fence lighting, etc. attached to the fence due to liability and will just stain around those items with no guarantee of over-spray not getting on your items. Other contractors might charge a flat rate for removing said items. For the contractor to have to stop and remove those items it slows the overall process of cleaning and staining the fence. We would recommend waiting 24-48 hours before hanging the items back up. 

Foliage Along the Fence

Now, what about your fence line? Some homeowners don’t have any trees, shrubs, or bushes anywhere near the fence line and others have flowerbeds or trees right up against the fence. If you have a pretty bare backyard, you probably don’t have anything to worry about here, but if you have foliage in the back, you might need to do some trimming to save some money (most fence stainers will have a flat rate charge to remove any limbs or trim shrubs). We recommend to cut back any foliage 8-12 inches off the fence. The goal here is for the stainer to easily walk the fence line with not having any barriers to laying the stain. 


If you are buddies with your neighbors, it’s always good to give them a heads up when any contractor will be entering your property. If you share a fence line and they have pets, let them know to be aware before opening the back door to let the pup out. It’s not unlikely that if we aren’t staining yet, that we will be staining before the pup is let back inside. And with curious dogs, we would hate to start spraying and the pup run up to the fence line and get stain on their snout. 


Other than that, sit back and get ready to have a fence the neighbors will be jealous of!

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