The Best Time To Stain A Fence And Deck Weather-Wise In Fort Worth

Find Out When You Should And Shouldn’t Stain A Fence Or Deck In Texas
Staining a fence

If you decide to wait for the best time to stain a fence or deck in Fort Worth you’ll be waiting for a long time. You can make it easier on yourself though.

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“Will it actually ever get done?”

Ben rubs his eyes. It’s been 2 weeks since he started trying to stain their fence. The problem is the weather (and life) keeps getting in the way. “I keep waiting for the right day but it always seems to rain or be too windy or I’m busy. Then I have to start over again.”

Fence unstained because it isn't the best time to stain a fence

May rubs his back lovingly. “I know, hon. Maybe there’s some way we can better prepare for it or something. Let’s see if Google can tell us anything.” It worked when they had to look up how to match stain colors

“I sure hope it can,” Ben says as May gets out her phone. She types in ‘best time to stain a fence’ in Google. After looking around they find a helpful post. Here is what they find-

The Best Time To Stain

The best time to stain a fence or deck in Texas is during a dry, windless summer day. You don’t have to worry as much about wind or moisture ruining the stain. You can stain a fence during spring or fall if you have the right tools.

Waiting for the perfect forecast during spring will make your project take forever. Even if a clear day is coming up a surprise shower can ruin your staining chances.

“Ok, so we can stain our fence now, but what tools do we need?” Ben asks. May scrolls down to find out.

What You Need To Know For Staining A Fence During Spring

“It says here the best tool to have is a moisture meter.”

Moisture meters will tell you how wet something is. Feeling how damp something is with your hand won’t give you enough information. If you stain wood that is too damp the stain won’t go deep enough into the wood. This means it won’t last as long.

“Then we have to start the process all over again, but sooner,” Ben says.

Moisture meter

There are 3 types of stains: latex, hybrid, and oil-based. Latex and hybrid-based stains can be applied when the wood is slightly damp while oil-based stains need the wood to have 12% moisture content or less. The latex and hybrid stains do not penetrate the wood fibers so the water isn’t blocking their ability to protect and seal the wood.

“It seems like the best time to stain a fence during spring is whenever you can. Make sure it’s not windy, the wood isn’t too damp, it won’t rain too soon, and use a latex or hybrid-based stain,” May concludes.

The reason staining a fence is easier is because water can’t pool on it. Pools of water can form on decks, though. The pool can pull out the stain and wash it away. Either that or you end up with a polka dot pattern on your deck.

“Yeah, no thanks. We’ll wait until summer to stain our deck if that’s the case,” Ben says.

More Resources For You

“Well, now we just need the right tools and materials and we’re good to go,” Ben says happily. “Thanks for helping me find a solution, May.” May smiles. “While you do that I’ll look up more information about staining.”