DIY vs Professional

There are many products out on the market at your local home improvement stores that might entice you to go out and tackle your outdoor project on your own. Having a fence stained by a professional will ensure the fence is properly prepped, the right product is used for the job, and will cut down on re-stains needed by ensuring a uniform stain job is completed. Drive around your neighborhood and see if you can spot fences stained by the homeowner.  Here are a few that we found…

Power washed too closely, stain highlighting all those damaging divots.
Not properly prepped and uneven application of stain.
Overlapping stain in the middle.
Overlapping stain marks, unevenness.

Prepping the Fence

Prepping the fence for stain effects the overall outcome of the stain job. Unless your fence was recently installed (1 month or less in most instances), it will need to be cleaned. At Stain & Seal of Fort Worth, we start with a soft wash to kill any mold and mildew present on your fence. We avoid pressure washing fences and will only do it in circumstances where we need to try and remove an older stain finish.

After your fence has been cleaned of mold and mildew, and has had time to dry out, we will come back with the stain and apply using high volume, low pressure to soak your fence pickets. We will ensure a uniform stain job that is done to your satisfaction.