Fence Staining Project Perfects A Home In Fort Worth

See How A Client Has Us Stain Their Fence To Their Ideal Color
The best time to stain a fence is summer

You can see how this fence staining project helped a client keep her home in top-notch condition. The after pictures might convince you to stain your fence.

See the pics and learn about our process below-

No More Faded Fence

“Thanks for the information.”

Karen walks back to her house, door hanger in hand. The contractor cleaning her neighbor’s fence just might be the one she hires to stain her fence. No more faded fence on her property! She had wanted to hire them last fall but the HOA approval process was too slow.

Another fence section during the staining

“So now I’m just going to go ahead with my fence staining project,” Karen says to herself. There’s no way she’s going to let her fence stay faded or start looking worse. “Bill, remember when we were going to re-stain our fence? Well, the contractor we wanted to hire is across the street. It reminded me we need to do that so I’d like to go ahead with it.”

Bill looks up from his paper. “What about the HOA?” Karen huffs angrily. “They’re too slow. I’ll just choose one that won’t stand out and it’ll be fine.” Bill nods in agreement. “Alright, sounds good to me. Go ahead and give them a call.”

Karen does just that. She already has an idea of how much a fence staining costs too, so she’s prepared.

Talking To Stain & Seal Of Fort Worth

“Hi, this is Lindsey of Stain & Seal of Fort Worth. How can I help you?”

Karen and Lindsey talk about the fence staining project. They address any concerns and questions until they’re both on the same page as to what Karen wants and how Stain & Seal can make it happen.

During the fence staining project

“Actually, I’m familiar with the fence style and colors for your HOA. I’m sure we can make it work, like by matching stain colors with your neighbor. We know how to match stains and their fence must be HOA approved,” Lindsey says.

Karen agrees. While on the phone, she also takes measurements of her fence and gets a price. She does have a few concerns about her fence needing repairs, so she sends Lindsey pictures to see what they can do.

“I still need to talk to Bill, my husband, about this. If we do, he doesn’t want anything to start until May 1,” Karen tells Lindsey. “That’s fine. Would you mind if I called you on May 1st to see if you want to move forward?” Karen agrees to this.

May 1 rolls around and Lindsey calls Karen. Karen says they are ready to move forward and provides the deposit. They get on the schedule for the next week, so now all they have to do is wait.

Fence Staining Project In Grand Prairie

“Hi, Karen! My name is Steven, owner, and operator of Stain & Seal.”

It’s May 1, which means it’s time for Karen’s fence staining project to start. “Welcome, Steven. Glad to have you. I’ll show you our fence.”

Fence during staining process

Karen takes Steven out to the fence. He gets to work cleaning it when he notices a few things he needs to tell Karen. “Karen, your fence has hail damage in a few places. Also, one of the gate boards is split and needs repairing.”

Karen and Steven talk about what to do. She agrees to have him fix the split board, but she isn’t worried about the hail damage. The stain should hide it well enough.

Due to rain, the project needs to be rescheduled. We applied Wood Defender Oxford Brown transparent stain. The project is finished on March 14.

Fence gate after staining project

The Results!

Karen walks the length of the fence.

After the fence staining is done

“This is great! Hopefully, this will set an example for our neighbors and they’ll restain their fences too.” She walks over to Steven and pays him for his work. “We’re glad we could update your fence and give your home the curb appeal you wanted,” Steven smiles.