This Is How Often To Stain A Fence And Deck Based On The Stain

Find Out How To Keep The Fence Or Deck In Your Fort Worth Home Looking Amazing
Newly restained fence

How often you need to stain a fence or deck changes based on the stain. It can be anywhere from 2-10 years depending on where you live and the stain type.

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How Long Has It Been?

“Since we stained our fence? I honestly have no idea,” Mike says.

Jen sighs. “Well, I think our fence stain is starting to fade, but I’m not quite sure. I know it’s been over a year or two since last time.”

Before restaining a fence in Monticello Fort Worth

Mike rubs his beard. “We can always look up how often to stain a fence. Might as well for decks too, since ours is also stained.” Jen nods. “I like that idea. Let’s get on Google and search for some answers.”

The two pull out their phones and start looking. “Aha! I found some answers on the website of those staining contractors who did our fence staining project,” Jen says. Mike scoots closer so he can see her phone screen.

Here is what the couple reads:

How Often You Should Stain A Fence And Deck

It depends on the climate and what type of stain is on your fence and deck. Oil-based stains can last about 3 to 5 years. Latex-based stains can last for 5 to 10 years. It’s best to restain a bit before so the color doesn’t fade.

After staining a fence a dark brown

Fences in shady areas and places where they don’t get wet from sprinklers tend to last longer. Look at the sunny areas to see if your fence or deck needs restaining.

More On Oil-Based Stains

It should last 3 to 5 years if the contractor puts on a good coat with a good product. Staining it earlier than 3 years keeps the stain looking fresh. It also helps the fence to last longer because the sun doesn’t dry the wood out.

You’ll know it needs restaining once you can see the pickets greying. This means the oil and pigment are fading away.

Stain And Seal staining a fence

More On Latex-Based Stains

You have a good 5 to 10 years before you need to restain your fence or deck. It depends on how well the stain bonds to the wood and how often the wood contracts and expands with the temperature.

The downside to using a latex-based stain is when the stain begins to fail, it can peel off the fence in stripes (think zebra). This makes prep and cleaning for a re-stain lengthier.

We recommend re-staining a latex-based stain every 5 years as the surface begins to crack but before it starts to peel. This can help avoid a costly prep and re-stain years down the road. 

Staining a fence

Specifically About Deck Staining

The same principles apply to decks. The difference is the horizontal surfaces usually need restaining before the railing, lattice, and other areas.

This is due to the abuse the surface receives from people walking on it, pets, the harsh UV rays penetrating the surface, and precipitation pooling on the surface after a rain or watering.

Once the color begins to fade and shades of grey are seen through the surface, it’s time for a cleaning and restaining.

Before and after staining a deck

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“So it’s definitely time for a restaining, isn’t it?” asks Mike. Jen shrugs. “Why don’t you go and take a look while I see what else I can find on this website?”