How To Clean A Fence In 3 Ways So It Looks Like New Again

Your Fort Worth Fence Can Look Great Again Without Having To Paint Or Stain It
In the process of cleaning a fence

You can make your fence look great without spending a lot of money by learning how to clean a fence. One of these 3 ways is sure to help solve your problem. You can clean it by hand or by using a pressure washer. Mold, algae, and the like may need extra effort which makes it basically a different type of cleaning.

You can find all 3 ways to clean a fence in the post below.

Was Our Fence Always This Color?

“Jason! Was our fence always this off-color?”

Jason walks out back to see what Amy is talking about. “Hey, wow, you’re right! This definitely wasn’t the color wood we chose way back when.” Jason walks up to take a closer look and sees all kinds of nastiness on the fence.

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“Looks like it’s got a bunch of dirt, grime, and some sort of mildew/mold gunk on it,” Jason sighs in exasperation. “We’re going to need to learn how to clean a fence if we’re going to fix this. We might even have to hire a fence staining contractor for after we clean it to make sure it’s protected,” Jason says.

He pulls out his phone and looks up ways to clean a fence.

Here’s what he finds.

Cleaning A Fence With A Pressure Washer

  1. Scrub off any grime with a wire brush
  2. Rinse fence with a hose
  3. Ready pressure washer
  4. Pressure wash fence
Cleaning wood fence with pressure washer

“Seems like a bit of work, but it’ll be worth it when we have a clean and beautiful fence,” Jason says, shaking his head. He does want more details on these steps so he scrolls down to see what he can find.

Details On Cleaning A Fence With A Power Washer

Pressure washers, as powerful as they are, can’t remove everything. Some stuff cakes on so thick only elbow grease can safely remove it. If you have a painted fence you’ll want to be careful not to scrub too hard or you might remove the paint too.

“Good thing we didn’t paint our fence,” Jason says in relief.