How To Stain A Wood Deck And Why You Will Want To

Find The Steps Contractors Should Follow When Staining Decks In Fort Worth
How to stain a deck

Staining a wood deck will make a huge difference in how it looks. You may fall in love with your deck and start using it more for friends and family events.

Learn the steps and more in the post below-

It’s Finally Almost Done!

“Then we can use it ourselves and entertain friends and family on it.”

Amanda can barely contain her excitement. She and Chris have been waiting to have a deck for so long she can’t remember when it started. They love being outside and hosting get-togethers and decks are a perfect way to have both.

And after seeing some before-and-after staining projects they know exactly what they want.

Deck before staining

“All we have left to do is stain it, right?” Chris correctly guesses. “Yes! But, how do we stain a wood deck?” Amanda wonders aloud. Chris pulls out his phone and searches ‘how to stain a wood deck’ on Google. 

Here is what they find-

Steps To Staining A Wood Deck

  1. Create a plan
  2. Prepare the deck
  3. Protect the walls
  4. Put tools and stain together
  5. Apply the stain

“Short and sweet, but we need more detail on how to stain a wood deck,” Amanda frowns. Chris scrolls down to find out more.

Deck stain before and after

1. Create A Plan To Stain Your Wood Deck

“10 minutes of planning can save an hour of work.”

Look for a period of days (3-5) where the temperatures are between 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit with no rain. Cloudy days work best because it gives the wood time to absorb the stain. Direct sunlight can cause the stain to dry too quickly.

How to stain a deck with proper technique like this

You’ll also want to plan where you will start and finish staining. This way you dont end up trapped and have to walk through the wet stain.

“I’ve done that plenty of times mopping, but this would be so much worse,” Chris grumbles.

Pick a stain that works with your deck’s type of wood. The best stains are water-resistant, preserve the wood, and protect it from UV rays.

2. Prepare The Deck For Staining

“Good preparation is important for any project.”

The first step is to remove everything from the deck. Then you’ll want to inspect the deck for any damages and repair them. Any splintered areas need sanding with 80-grit sandpaper.

“Since ours is new we don’t have to worry about that, thankfully,” Chris sighs in relief.

Cleaning a deck with a pressure washer

Any deck needs cleaning before you can stain it. Older decks need a power wash while newer decks just need sweeping and rinsing with a garden hose. You can do a deep clean using a deck cleaner if you feel you need to. Wait for it to completely dry before moving on.

If you have plants near your deck you can water them and then cover them so they don’t get stained too.

“No way are we staining my bushes too,” Amanda says firmly as she scrolls down.

3. Protect The Walls

We certainly don’t want to stain the bottom parts of our walls.”

Take painter’s tape and stick it all along any exterior walls that touch the deck. This way you don’t end up giving your walls a stain skirt and have to repaint them. Also do this for the railings if you won’t be staining them.

“Haha a stain skirt, that’s a good one,” Chris chuckles. Amanda rolls her eyes and smiles as she scrolls down to find out the next step for how to stain a wood deck.

4. Put Tools Together And Mix The Stain

“This seems important.”

Put together the stain pad and pole. Mix your stain thoroughly before pouring it into the paint tray. Place the staining materials off the deck somewhere or on the last place you’ll be staining.

“That way it won’t be in the way,” Amanda notes.

5. Apply The Stain To Your Deck

“Now we finally get to the staining!”

In the process of cleaning a fence

Start with the railings if you’ll be staining those. Use long, even strokes with your paintbrush. Then, use the paint pad to apply the stain in long, even strokes. You can use the paintbrush to get between cracks and for any problem areas.

“Then we let it dry for 24 hours and we have a beautiful deck!” Amanda smiles.

She scrolls down when she sees there are benefits to staining a deck below.

Benefits Of Staining A Deck

“Sweet, it’ll be good to know the benefits besides looking better.”

Deck stains help prevent the sun from causing the wood color to fade over time. It also helps keep it from warping, splintering, and cracking as easily.

Before and after staining a deck

Deck stains also keep water out of the wood. Water can cause mold, mildew, warping, and other costly damages. A major damage stains help prevent is wood rot, which can make your deck unsafe to be on.

“Yikes! Good thing we’re staining and sealing our deck early,” says Chris.

Now To Stain…Or Not

“Yeeeaaahhh, so our deck’s pretty big and I don’t want to do it, mess up, and then have to redo it again,” Chris admits. “I love the way you think. You’re saving us time, effort, and probably money by admitting that,” Amanda says lovingly.

Looks like the couple is going to get a deck staining quote from a contractor.