Restaining A Fence Back To Beautiful For A Family In Fort Worth

See The Before And Afters Of This Project And What It Was Like To Work With Us
Restaining a fence in Fort Worth

See for yourself the before and afters of this restaining a fence project. You can also see what it was like for this client to work with us.

Find it all in the post below-

I Think I Found Our Solution

“Hon, you’ll never guess what I just saw!”

Bryan breezes into the house with a smile planted on his face. Christie looks at him curiously. “I actually have no idea haha, what did you see? Must’ve been something good for you to be like this.”

Fence staining before and after

“Someone got their fence stained recently by this company called Stain & Seal Of Fort Worth. I saw their sign next to the fence and it looks really good! We should talk about hiring them to stain our faded fence,” Bryan reveals. 

Christie sighs in relief. “That’s great! We can have a clean appearance in the backyard before entertaining guests. The old and new panels will finally match, as long as they know how to match stain colors.”

After talking it over the couple decides to call the staining company about restaining their fence.

Calling Stain & Seal About Restaining A Fence

“Hi, this is Lindsey with Stain & Seal Of Fort Worth! How may I help you?”

Small part of fence before restain

The couple talks to Lindsey about their fence restaining project. Their project is to re-stain a mixed height fence (6ft & 8ft tall sections). They also need to color match the newer and older panels. Lindsey answers their questions and walks them through what their options are. 

One common question they ask is about the cost to stain a fence.

“We do also have some concerns about the color,” Ryan brings up. “The fence has different styles and ages of wood in sections. Also, I’d like a color dark enough to create a uniform look but still light enough to compliment the backyard feel and pool.”

Before restaining

“No problem! We can take care of that for you,” Lindsey says. She sent him over some pictures showing what they can do and a quote via video. Bryan and Christie decide to talk it over. A few days later, Bryan gets a follow-up email. With that, they decide to use Stain & Seal for their fence restaining project. 

They submit a 50% deposit and get on the schedule. Now they’re on the way to perfecting the look of their backyard!

The day of the staining project comes. 2 weeks later (it was a LARGE project) and it is done.

The Results Are In!

“2 weeks later and our fence is perfect!” Bryan beams over breakfast.

After restaining part of the fence
Restained fence near the covered patio

“It looks great! I’m glad they chose not to apply the stain when it was really windy. Otherwise, that stain might’ve gone all over the backyard and maybe even our house,” Christie says. “Plus they helped us find a color we wanted (transparent oil-based stain in a light brown).”

Now the couple just needs to know how to clean a fence so it can stay looking great for longer.